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Preparing Digital Files

From file preparation and selecting paper to mailing your finished masterpiece, the following tips and techniques can greatly enhance the impact of your graphic communications.

Getting files, fonts, graphics, disks ready for commercial printing

Before beginning, make sure your printer is working with the same software otherwise an alternative route may be required for printing, such as creating a PDF for output.


When you submit files for printing, more than just your Quark or InDesign file need to go. Depending on which version of software you have, the export option is usually under 'FILE > Collect for Output'. Indesign is 'FILE > Package'.

This option collects all images, vector art, scans, fonts & notes this particular file needs for printing and copies them all to a folder destination you designate.


Since these are copies of the original, these can be saved to a CD or USB flash drive and received by your printer for the highest quality output.


For more information regarding file setup for artwork, please contact us.


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